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Japanese God Sedan: Made Of 43 Thousand Plastic Bottles

Megan 2017-10-16 19:35:03
In September this year, the world's largest God sedan made of the plastic bottle at “making Festival” venue completed in Japan's Ibaraki Prefecture Chikusei Sea Island in front of the old Ming wild citizen.

It uses 43459 plastic bottles. That's 597 more than the 4,2862 plastic bottles used to make the elephant in Russia in January , which set the Guinness world record.

According to reports, the completed God sedan including the car poles is about 3.6 meters long, 2 meters wide, about 4 meters high. The world record review area is "the largest plastic bottle sculpture", competing for the number of plastic bottles used. Following the palanquin Youth Conference Hall (director of feldspar Zhongsheng Street Construction Committee) the connection to the future (Chairman of Canon Hirooka) as the center of production.

At the meeting, the assembled children put plastic bottles on the God sedan to finish the final stage of working. The shrine placed with plastic bottles decorated with phoenix. The first grade students in primary school who help make the Phoenix are talking about his feelings said: "it is not easy to cool the heated adhesive, that’s great."

Guang Tong accepted the world record certificate from the official Guinness McMillan world record official, and showed his will for the future activities. The great God sedan will be on display in the year.

The editor sigh how much space 40,000 plastic bottles have to take up, and If you need more than tens of thousands our 150ml PET plastic bottle, you may have to book a few months in advance, that way we can set aside enough time to arrange your production order.