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About Medicinal Plastic Bottles

Megan www.baike.baidu.com 2017-11-10 10:40:09
The medicine plastic bottle is based on the principle of blow molding processing, which is used to fill medicine pill and potion.

1. Capacity: Due to the specificity of drug packaging and medicine, from a few ml to about 1000 ml, the shape is mostly round, also has square, oval and other shapes.

2. In order to ensure that the drug does not damp, not go bad in the period of validity, medicinel plastic bottles should have a good sealing and permeability, can prevent light, heat, water vapor, oxygen and other effects on drugs.

3. The bottle's inner wall is contact with the drug directly, the bottle material must conform to the medicine packing request, to guarantees the safety of medicine.

4. Oral solid and liquid medicine plastic bottles belong to a class of packaging materials. Without cleaning and sterilization can be used for drug packaging, therefore, the microbial limit has a higher demand, production environment and production process should be in line with the requirements of relevant regulations.

5. The shape, size and structure of medicinal plastic bottles should be adapted to the requirements of various filling machine of pharmaceutical enterprises and to meet the requirements of high-speed automatic filling machines.

In addition to the above national standards. Manufacturers must also comply with some of the customer’s specific requirements, in particular, it is necessary to consider the requirements of different bottling equipment for plastic bottles. To synthesize the above standards and requirements, we will explore the other requirements for medicinal plastic bottles:

For example, the appearance and quality of medicinal plastic bottles: oral solid medicinal bottles are generally white color, oral liquid medicinal bottle is generally amber transparent, we can also produce other colors according to customer’s requirements, the color of the bottle should be uniform, no obvious color difference, the surface should be clean, smooth, no obvious deformation and scratches.

white medicine plastic bottle

In addition to producing fruit juice bottles and household plastic bottles, we also produce medicinal plastic bottles, mainly HDPE medicine plastic bottles, but also a small number of pet medicinal plastic bottles, they are 100% virgin materials, safety, non-toxic, passed ISO9001,SGS,FDA,LFGB and other authoritative certification.