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Our Plastic Bottle Will Sell Well On The MARCH EXPO

Megan 2018-03-05 19:38:53
Today, March 5, Alibaba Group officially opened The MARCH EXPO which warm-up for 3 months, it is a promotional activities. This is the Alibaba platform specially launched for Ali buyers, it also has many benefits for us, many of our plastic bottles will be seen by more buyer and eventually bought, especially the plastic beverage bottles and cosmetic bottles we are good at.

"March New Trade Festival" is not only a trade and service events hosted by Alibaba International station for the global small and medium-sized enterprises, but also a global cross-border trade practitioners Carnival. The opening time of The MARCH EXPO is the first Monday of every March.

Under the trend of "new foreign Trade", "The MARCH EXPO" will become the platform where global SME display their enterprise strength, newest product and latest service, Alibaba will get through the group inside and outside, even global logistics, finance, technology and other core resources, provide small and medium-sized enterprises a variety of business service, which is convenient, efficient and interconnected.

In order to meet this event, we Zhenghao Plastic Company also spent months to prepare, we put our plastic bottles link on the website, decorate webpages, our colleagues also assist customers in the best possible way. While in workshop, also have made enough preparation, the machine day and night non-stop operating, as soon as catch up with the production work before, they will continue to produce these orders our customer made when this promotion.When I saw a batch of plastic bottles coming out of the machine and a batch of them shipped to the customers continuously, we have a great sense of achievemen as they would be quickly sent to their purchaser.

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