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Our Plastic Bottle For Christmas Candy Packaging

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-10-04
Today is still ourNational Day, while we've had enough rest. We're at work and service ourcustomer now. Speaking of China's National Day, this year marks the 69thanniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In just a fewdecades, China has demonstrated its strength and "China's speed" tothe world. For any Chinese, this is worth celebrating and proud of, so we allhave a 7-day long holiday to celebrate the motherland's country. It's asimportant as Chinese New year, like Easter and Christmas in the West.

When it comes to Christmas, many merchants prepare their products forChristmas in September and October. We are a professional plastic bottle manufacturer, specializing in the production ofplastic bottles, jars and containers, we can provide customers with a varietyof plastic products packaging, about Christmas products, we can customize allkinds of candy jars, cookie jars with plastic material. Here we introduce aspherical candy plastic bottle to you as shown below.

candy plastic bottle

Its exact size: capacity is 240ml, weightis 24g, and about 84mm in diameter. It was placed upside down because ofits spherical shape, and its neck size is 24mm, can be fitted with aluminum capor plastic cap, some customer plan to hook the lid and hang the balls packed with candy, you can useit to pack any other products, if you like. To behonest, it's also because its cute appearance so attractive to children, not only these displayed colors, but also can be customized to avariety of confectionery colors. This is the first step towords making the product attractive.

Of course, it’s better that you own yourdesign, and we can custom your LOGO to help you build your brand and earn thetarget markets.