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Our two design of wet wipe canister

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on :2018-09-30
As the name implies, these two designs are barrel-like container, which be used to packaging wet wipes or other disposable wipes with sanitary products, they are suitable for any environment.

On the market, the wet tissue container is usually made of plastic HDPE material, its characteristic is that the outlet has the fixed shape opening to ensure that the wet tissue can be pulled out smoothly, while at the same time ensure that the remaining tissues inside the container are not polluted by the outside world.

We have two wet wipes canister, one larger and one smaller. Let us give you a specific introduction to these two.

Large-size wet wipes container is displayed on our website, like the picture shows, roughly 125 mm in diameter and 190 mm in height, cylinder round shape, be made of HDPE material, it is white now and can be customized any color. What makes it special is that there is a fixed opening on the lid, you can easily extract wet wipes from it but don’t need to open the lid. And the lid is designed with a automatic device, it opens automatically when you press the button. After you take the wet tissue, you just put the lid on and it would buckle itself. Its size is around 2L, perfect for household use.

wet wipe container

Another I will show you is our tabletop size wet tissue canister, height is 85mm, diameter is 50mm. the size is suitable for tabletop use, it usually can packaging 100 piece of wet tissue. Generally, we can see similar size wet tissue canister for sale in the supermarket, also suitable for sale in a box by dozens of them. It is also made of HDPE material, the cap is PP material, of course if you like other color, we can custom color and LOGO printing.

wet tissue canister

Last but not least, we are a plastic bottle supplier, we are located in Shenzhen, China. Our range of product is plastic bottle used in cosmetic industry, food industry, beverage bottle, medical industry, chemical industry and other plastic product. If you need plastic wet wipe container, please contact us. It is best that you own your bottle design and we can customize it for you with LOGO printing.