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What We Used For Packaging Facial Cleanser?

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-09-12
Facial cleanser is a common and necessary cosmetics. Basically every girl needs to use every day, have we ever noticed what kind of packaging is used in facial cleanser? Let's talk about several common facial cleanser packaging.

Firstly, the most common packaging of facial cleanser is cosmetic soft tube. We usually can see that many brands of facial cleanser are using this packaging in the supermarkets or counters, makes the product simple and eye-catching. It is made of PE material, soft and squeezable body, fit with flip top cap, user can squeeze the product out very easily. Therefore, this packaging occupies most of the market. Its capacity range from 50g to 200g, also some mini portable size, only 10g or 20g, suitable for travel use or onetime-use. In fact, such a tube packaging can not only be packaged facial cleanse, but also packaging other cosmetic cream and lotion. Larger size can be used for body cream and hand cream, mini size can be packaged eye cream, lip gloss and so on. In this way, the use of plastic tubes is indeed a lot.

cosmetic soft tube

Another one you can't ignore is plastic bottle packaging. This kind of bottle are generally made of PET,HDPE and PETG material, there are several common facial cleanser plastic bottle design as shown below, the large size bottle is usually fit with the pump head, the pressure device make the press action more convenient, this type of design is more used to packaging shampoo, shower gel, lotion and so on. Of course, we also use small bottles to packaging facial cleanser, generally 30ml,60ml, these portable travel use bottle fit with flip top cap and plain cap.

plastic bottle

Overall, plastic tubes and plastic bottles basically packaged most of the cosmetic cream and lotion, we as a China plastic bottle factory, has been actively developing more styles and design, if you need these products, please feel free to contact us.