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Manual filling water into the water mattress

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on :2017-07-24
  Part one: Plastic bottle + cardboard = "ecological air conditioning"?
  Part two: Holding the ice plastic water bottle to sleep

  Compared with the previous students, the student of hunan normal university,Tian's summer heat treatment method appears to be especially unusual and more suitable for girls - laying a water mattress on the bed.
  Knowing how terrible the hot days in changsha are, Mr. Tian spent 78 yuan to find a water mattress on the Internet in the early summer. When he sleeps at night, just fill the mattress with water.
  "The water bed is really effective, and when you lie down it's cool." On the water bed experience, Tian was confident, but after a few days, she found that she had some backache and felt a little damp on the water mattress. After a few uses, she decided to give up, "The body is more important, don’t want to wake up feeling uncomfortable."