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The Balcony Vegetable Garden Built By Plastic Bottles

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2017-07-25
It became a popular trend now planting some green vegetables in your balcony, being a farmer of the city. Saying the master is in the folk, there is a superior who is one of them,grandpa liu,after retirement,he built a automatic vegetable garden with countless plastic bottle.,realize full automatic three-dimensional planting.

According to liu, the roof vegetable garden from design to construction spent almost a year. these green vegetables planted in plastic bottles often be shared with the neighbors when grow much more, the neighbors are praise for grandpa liu’s stereoscopic garden.

Each plastic bottle is an independent planting basin, flexibly and conveniently. Using plastic bottles to plant vegetables is both environmentally friendly and saving a lot of space. Friends who have this interest can try it out with plastic bottles when collected at ordinary times.