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Polymer Materials Have Bright Prospects

Megan info.plas.hc360.com 2018-01-08 11:23:13
Recently, KDX’s new chairman Zhong Yu received media interview, said: "From the import to the ecological platform, polymer materials promising, the specific statement reads as follows:

The national 13th five-year plan clearly pointed out that polymer materials are an important basic industry in China, widely used in various fields of national economy. China has become the world's largest manufacturer of chemical materials, one of the important classification of advanced polymer materials (also known as new chemical materials), however, in the field of advanced polymer materials, our localization rate is only 60%, in the "13th five-year" period, the national goal to upgrade 10% domestic replacement rate, Use the size of the market to calculate about 12 trillion of the huge space.

KDX is to seize the opportunity, in the "the new materials, the whole industry, the great ecological" guidelines, with the new material ecology as the core, to "build a world-class ecological platform based on advanced polymer materials," the strategic development goals.

Specifically, through the development of the strength gradually, the material is based on the extension, KDX has gradually from the import substitution to the total solution provider. Through cooperation with domestic and foreign front-line customers research and development, material customization, occupy the forefront of technological progress, KDX continuously eliminate low margin products, continue to face the high-end, to ensure that the company's gross margin level and long-term competitiveness; In addition, the company is also based on technological innovation and business model innovation as the core, Increase the rate of return on capital through continuous technology upgrades.

I often say to the staff: " don't do what others do, I don't do what others do good, I do what other people don't have, and I don't let anyone catch me when I do it."

In November 2017, when the company and the Zhangjiagang government signed a common "two Garden City" ("Advanced Polymer Materials Industrial Park", "Aerospace composite Industry Park" and "New Future City") Project signing ceremony, I was particularly excited. I think it's a time for a starting dream in the process of realizing this great dream, we will face a lot of difficulties and challenges, but the KDX people will continue to be the innovation and enterprising spirit, industry serve the country, uphold the "dare to have a dream, diligent pursuit of dreams, good at fulfilling the dream" of the fine tradition, with the Zhangjiagang government work together For the development of regional economy, to achieve a well-off society, for China can stand in the world of nations, become a socialist modern power to make unremitting efforts.

As a China professional plastic bottle manufacturer, we always believe that Chinese manufacturing industry will be based in the world, and the new materials, the new energy industry and high-tech manufacturing will have a huge impact on the world. We also believe that MADE IN CHINA will be a positive noun label in the whole world.

Remarks: KDX company is China's largest producer of pre-coating film, is China's first company with independent intellectual property rights, which is engaged in the coating technology research and development and pre-coating film production, has two production bases in Beijing and zhangjiagang, and six pre-coating film production line, products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.