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About Plastic Jars

Megan 2018-01-04 10:39:02
Plastic jars are small packaging containers made of plastic or plastic-based materials and generally have a sealed lid.

There are a small number of pure plastic jar in plastic jar containers, most of which are made of plastic or aluminum foil and other composite materials, while the lid is made of plastic or metal, this plastic jar also known as a composite jar.

Plastic jars don’t last long, but they have developed rapidly and have replaced metal cans and glass bottles on many occasions, mainly because of their many advantages:

①Lighter weight. The material density of the plastic jars is small, compared with the container weight of the same volume, the plastic jars are smaller than the metal cans and glass bottles.

②Lower cost. The material cost of plastic jars is lower, the manufacturing process is also easier, so the total price is cheaper.

③Reliable protection of products. Plastic jars is made of multiple material, with good chemical stability and barrier, and its bottom, lid and jar body combined with a reliable sealing structure, so the internal loading can be reliably protected.

④Good mechanical strength. Although the mechanical properties of plastic jars are slightly lower than metal cans and glass bottles, but for packing general product, its  intensity is strong enough not to be easily damaged.

⑤Good shelf effect. The surface of plastic jars is easy to print and decorate, which is good for attracting customers and promoting sales.

There are also some shortages of plastic jars: the sealing effect of caps and jar body is not yet stable; in vacuum packaging and pressure packaging, the jar body strength is not high sometimes.

Plastic jars as a new packaging container in the packaging field is widely used, it can be packaged food, fruit juice, milk powder, soft drinks, coffee, cosmetics, oil and so on.

At present, with the rising packaging cost of metal cans, and the traditional cans are opaque, consumers can not see the internal products. Because of that, Plastic food jars are made of PET and are lighter than traditional cans, which are good for long-distance transportation, transparent packaging, so that the internal product looks very dynamic and beautiful, while consumers can closely see products, making the consumer experience more perfect.

Therefore, plastic food jars are popular, China also has professional plastic food jars manufacturers. For the development of the market, it is thought that although plastic food jars can not completely replace cans, but as consume habits change, this consumption change is an inevitable trend.