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Cost Analysis Of Purchasing Plastic Bottle

  • Author:Megan
  • Source:Zhenghao Plastic
  • Release on:2018-06-04
How is the price of plastic bottle calculated? I believe many plastic bottle buyers want to know. the most basically, plastic bottles price can not be separated from raw material cost, labor costs and other machinery loss costs, among them, the price difference of each plastic bottle manufacturer mainly comes from the cost of raw materials and labor.

So, what are the parts that make up the cost of plastic bottles?

First, the raw material cost is the most basic influence factor, it directly determines the plastic bottle price at which level. Currently for plastic raw materials in China, one is a new material, mainly used in food, beverages and cosmetic bottles, and other industries with high safety standards. Another is recyclable materials, mainly used in household use plastic bottles and chemical industrial plastic bottle. Of course, the cost of new material is much higher than recyclable materials.

Second, depend whether the product has a ready-made bottle mold. In general, for some ordinary products, manufacturers have ready-made bottle molds, while if buyers want to find very special or they have their own bottle design, in this case, it will be best to make a new bottle mold, of course, making mold has a great advantage, buyer can print their LOGO, and own their patent, it's helpful to promote brand.

Finally, think about the scale of production. The cost of producing 100 pieces and 10,000 pieces is much different.So for buyers consideration, we will increase the MOQ to lower the average cost for each bottle.

The above 3 factors are affecting the price of the main reasons, and others include logo printing costs, bottle packaging costs, transport costs, time costs, physical loss and so on. So, the plastic bottle buyer should calculate the purchasing cost from many aspects.

What about the cost of plastic bottles purchased in our factory? Usually, it is mainly affected by several factors above, because most of our product are food grade plastic bottles which safety standards are higher, so we are using 100% new materials, naturally its costs is higher than some manufacturers which use recyclable material. In addition, some of our customers want to customize their own plastic bottle with LOGO, but only need 100 pieces, so that the cost of making mold is very expensive for such small quantities, so we will recommend they order our MOQ 10000 pieces if it is possible. If all three factors are taken into account, buyer will get good quality plastic packaging bottles with very affordable price.

That is all that ZhenghaoHao Plastic share with you, if you need custom plastic bottle, please contact us without hesitate.