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Why Are Most Plastic Packaging Bottles Transparent?

Megan Zhenghao Plastic 2018-05-30 19:12:20
Plastic bottles on the market at present is multifarious, with colorful color, but the most popular packaging container is clear color in beverage, food and cosmetics industrial, many of them are PET, PP and HDPE material. In order to meet packaging requirement of different products, many kind of plastic bottle will use more wider range of material.

But why so many kinds of plastic bottle packaging required to be clear? As people can clearly see the inside item through the packaging container, which have high transparency and high gloss, this makes itself seem to be a ornamental thing and put people in good mood.

How to stand out in a highly competitive market? From the perspective of the market, packaging is a formal product in the whole goods, which is a very important part of the content. Through it, consumers can have the desire to buy it and thus stimulate consumption. As it turns out, transparent packaging tends to stimulate consumption and generate purchasing power.

Transparent packaging is also pided into full transparent packaging and partial transparent packaging, it can make the buyers directly see inside item with color, form and quality in part or in whole, this not only reflect the natural beauty of goods, but also be convenient for customers to choose and buy. For example, transparent food plastic bottles, clear candy jar, clear wine bottles, etc. These goods which has a nice appearance are bulk sold to consumers.

Either PET, PP or HDPE, they can all be made clear color in the finished product. In beverage, food and cosmetics packaging field, we are a 20 years experienced plastic bottle manufacturer, we have the ability of helping you custom excellent plastic bottle packaging, it is the best that you own your private bottle mold, and it is the first step to built your brand figure. We’d like to make it success with you.