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Elegant Plastic Bottles Of Cooking Oil

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2017-09-20

Appearance and packaging 8.9 points


This plastic edible oil bottle subvert the traditional oil bottle "thick, big, round", there are three big breakthrough points:

1, the use of plastic materials to pack the household cooking oil. Its PET material is thick and sturdy, lighter than the bulky glass bottle, it is not as fragile as the glass material.

2, smaller capacity is also a larger breakthrough point. Traditional oil bottles are usually 2 liters or more, its 500ml capacity in line with the general household cooking oil consumption, could be used in time and will not cause waste or prolonged storage of deterioration and other issues, while the appearance is also more compact and convenient.

3, streamlined body more refined and beautiful. The bottle mouth is tightly sealed, no leakage in the side; and with a professional anti-skid shading, placed more stable. This organic coconut oil product is imported from Thailand, on the bottle body, it printed with product information and bar code to provide more intimate service of consumer’s purchase and use.

Comprehensive above, I give this product appearance evaluation 8.9 points.

In the end, plastic edible oil bottles have made a relatively large breakthrough in the capacity, shape and appearance, both China and abroad, this type of plastic bottles will be more and more demand. As a professional manufacturer of plastic bottles, we look forward to the increasing value of plastic products.