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The Plastic Packaging Market In Eastern Europe Is Huge

Megan Globe plasticizing 2017-09-22 17:45:21
With the continuous increase in population, people's living standards have been significantly improved, consumption ways are also constantly Westernization, and some Eastern European countries’s demand for plastic bottles is growing.

The demand for plastic products in the packaging market is increasing. In Eastern Europe, the per capita consumption of bottled beverages is still far lower than that of Western Europe, but it also means that its future growth potential is quite large. The market demand for plastic bottles will also increase with the people's rising economic level. So eastern Europe is still a very valuable market for bottled drinks.

But it is surprising that the market share of PET beer bottles in Eastern Europe has surpassed that of Western Europe, which is caused by the consumption structure in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europeans prefer to drink more than Western Europe.

Overall, the demand for consumer packaged goods in Eastern Europe will continue to rise, in the next few years, the increase in the use of plastic bottles in the health care and cosmetics applications will be particularly significant. In many Western European countries, the market demand for beverages such as lemonade and bottled water has been relatively saturated, so the demand growth rate for plastic bottles in these areas will remain relatively low or will not grow.

While The two biggest growth potential of plastic packaging products in Western Europe is medicine and cosmetics industries. With the increasing elderly population, as well as the aging society, the consumption of drugs and other pharmaceutical products will be further increased.

It is noteworthy that the consumption trend of convenience products will lead to the tendency of some product groups to use small packages, but some countries will have the opposite effect because of economic tensions: many consumers try to save money and buy a large Packaging products.

Lightweight is still the target of packaging, not only for transportation to bring more good ecological benefits, but also plastic contrast glass has a very obvious advantage in terms of weight and in the gas barrier properties and anti-ultraviolet performance, the plastic is also more advantages. These factors will gradually promote the plastic products in the packaging market share.