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PET Bottles Will Be Selected For High-End Packaging

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2017-09-18
In the packaging industry, not only food, beverages but also cosmetics, frequently will use glass, ceramics, metal or other materials, as long as positioning in the high-end direction.

Acrylic plastic bottle is a corroboration, making the high-end cosmetics packaging began to use a large number of plastic material. Over the years, raw material manufacturers are struggling to break through this inherent concept. For plastic bottles, mainly with PP plastic caps. Matching aluminum caps or metal caps is also very useful for lifting the appearance of plastic bottle packaging grade. Currently, this is mainly the plastic health care bottle, a large number of metal texture aluminum cover, together with the plastic bottle body.

But with people's efforts, the development of PET bottles gradually close to high-end trends, especially PET water bottles. We can almost see PET mineral water bottles are in the high-speed development stage, like this style PET voss water bottle, it has a high-end design, convince high-end people to buy by its impressive temperament image.

Due to the transparent PET bottle of wear resistance, good plasticity, impact resistance, water vapor, chemical resistance and other characteristics, the finished product in the packaging industry is very widely used. For the mineral water bottle packaging, the current mainstream material is the PET transparent plastic.

All kinds of industries are pulling the development of PET plastic transparent bottle, with the accelerated development of transparent PET plastic bottle industry, it occupies a larger share of the packaging market, China’s transparent PET plastic bottle industry also need to integrate through the production enterprises Of the joint, the acquisition and other means to form a large plastic packaging business, which will promote the healthy development of the industry forward.

Because of PET bottle’s many excellent performance, so the probability that it was selected high-end packaging is much higher than other types of plastic bottles, and it’s expected to become high-end packaging. This is also a vision for our Chinese plastic PET bottle makers.