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A Simple Market Analysis Of Squeeze Sauce Packaging Bottle

Megan Zhenghao Plastic 2018-06-06 15:54:15
Sauce packaging bottles are getting more and more attention, this is because it can be widely used in multiple scenarios. In recent years, the domestic market of sauce squeeze bottle is also gradually opened in China, which makes the domestic and external markets of sauce packaging bottle get further growth.

LDPE sauce plastic bottle

For its own advantages, a sauce squeeze bottle usually is made of food grade LDPE material, which can be squeezed, people use it pack all kind of food sauce, like common tomato sauce, salad sauce, chili sauce, fruit jam. So it’s suitable for kitchen, milk tea shop, snack shop or western restaurant, also suitable for barbecue to packaging BBQ sauce. It has dropper mouth, when you upside down the sauce bottle and squeeze it, the item come out from it, its opening is covered a small cap, when you don't need it, you can put the lid on it to make it hygienic. Moreover, its temperature tolerance ranges about from 10 degrees below zero to 90 degrees, this means it can bear the freezing environment of the refrigerator and the warm environment of the barbecue stall. So its versatility and applicability give it the basis to expand the market.

In the past, the market of sauce bottle was mainly foreign trade market, but after years of change, sauce bottles are designed to more practicality and persification, not only LDPE material, but also PET material, which is transparent appearance, people can see its item through the body clearly, this feature adds a selling point to the brightly colored sauce.

PET sauce bottle

In terms of external conditions, this is largely due to the expanding domestic baking market and western food market, more sauce using scenarios have emerged, with using sauce now instead of sprinkling pepper powder, even many people use it to packaging eatable thick liquid, like honey and edible oil, it’s seems nothing wrong with that.

Therefore, in future sauce plastic bottles must be further improved in design and production to win more markets. That is shared by China sauce plastic bottle maker, we can make plastic sauce bottle with LDPE and PET material, from 40ml to 1 liter as you like. If you need sauce bottle, please feel free to contact us.