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About Our Water Enhancer Bottle

Megan 2018-08-21 19:39:58
Today I'd like to introduce our water enhancer bottle to you. It is our hotsale plastic product, popular in US.

It usually used for enhancer water, juice or syrup, even packaging flavor and sweetener. We can see it is flat and oval shape, this can be squeezed easily, we have size with 40ml,45ml and 60ml, so mini so that can be carried portablely. In terms of its structure, it is made of HDPE material, we can customized it with other color. From the short video, it shows that where its special is that it fit with silicone valve cap, this makes the inside content sealed, just when you squeeze the bottle body strongly, the valve cap will open a small opening allow the liquid come out. Surely, the cap part can be seperated from the bottle body, when you complete filling your product in it, you can cover the lid and prepare to sell it.

At present, the market of our enhancer bottle is mainly the United States. So do not doubt its popularity, if you’re interested in it, please contact us in time.