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Candy & Cookie Packaging Are More Personalization

  • Author:Megan
  • Source:Zhenghao Plastic
  • Release on:2018-05-18
Sweets and biscuits are the food that people's daily life can not be missing, packaging has been evolving, from the ordinary paper packaging in early days, to later plastic packaging, and currently common candy plastic bottles or biscuits plastic jars, these packaging is becoming more and more perse and personalized.

Candy and cookies are consumed by children, their hunger for candy and biscuits also comes from the appeal of exquisite packaging, in addition to their own taste. Therefore, a good candy packaging first won the starting line, can attract more consumers of the eyes, so as to obtain more opportunities for sale. So, when you walk into a grocery store and find the newest packaging candy on the shelves, your little friend will never hesitate to stop and stare at the cute package that attracts him until you buy it for him.

From this, the development of the appearance of candy packaging, one is due to the progress of the packaging level itself, the other is people's living standards and living ways of improvement. At present, the market of candy plastic bottles are mostly used pet materials, on the one hand, because the pet can be sealed well when fit with the sealing cover, it has a good moisture-proof effect. On the other hand, because of the plasticity of pet bottles, can be shaped into different design to meet the customized demand of confectionery manufacturers and confectionery brand.

On the other hand, because of the plasticity of pet bottles, can be molded according to the requirements of different shapes to meet the confectionery manufacturers and confectionery brand customization needs.

As a professional custom-made candy and biscuit plastic bottle manufacturers, we have many years of custom plastic bottle experience, and custom packaging for many candy production enterprises, they commonly use plastic pet bottles to pack candy, and plastic pet jars to packaging biscuits and other food. We also look forward to customizing the personalized packaging for more brands。