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What Kind Of Plastic Bottle Can Store Juice?

Megan 2017-08-09 19:54:54
Not everyone who juices goes to the extremes of fasting, but it has become a way of life for many. Most juicing gurus agree that it is best to drink the freshly squeezed juice straight away because the beneficial nutrients are thought to start breaking down within minutes of juicing.


However, there are a number of reasons that people want to store their juice for later.

So, yes, you can save juice, but there are a few things to take into consideration. Firstly, use your common sense. If a juice looks or smells off, don’t risk it, it may well be off.  

How long can fresh juices be stored?

This depends on a number of things including the kind of juicer that you use, the way that you store the juice and the length of time it takes you to store it. Because of the number of variables, we cannot make any recommendations about the length of time or guarantee the compatibility between your juice and the plastic bottles.

The best plastic bottles to store your juice

You can use either HDPE or PET plastic bottles to store juice.  Either can be used for freezing.  Whilst there is an ongoing debate about whether plastic can be safely used to freeze food products, it is widely used in the packaging industry and the FDA have concluded that PET containers do not leach harmful amounts of substances into their contents.

Top Tips:

Use extra lemon juice, the citric acid will help to preserve it

Dispense quickly into the plastic bottles

Fill to the brim to exclude oxygen in the fridge

Leave some room for expansion if you are freezing

Use a low RPM juicer.