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N Plastic Products Died Before Molding

Megan 2017-09-13 19:42:40

Do you feel the smell of excitement in the air? Is this reminding you of climate change, or school military training?No, your excitement is from the new iPhone come onto the market. September 12 has arrived, which also means that Tim Cook will stand on the stage to the public announced three style new iPhone market, iPhone8, iPhone8 plus, of course, there’s also supreme iPhone X since 10 years.

Before new iPhone coming out, did you stay crazy to guess what it looks like? Perhaps before the final draft, there has N product design died in the lab, but I believe that they were revolutionary and subversive ideas.

We design plastic bottles is also the same, although compared to the iPhone product design it is too much simply, but before get the final confirmation, we need to constantly modify and optimize, so that generally making a new mold needs 20 to 30 days.

Then we are curious about the shape of the plastic bottle design contains what scientific truth?

a plastic bottle design

Firstly, the plastic carbonated beverage bottle must be cylindrical, because the carbon dioxide pressure is large, if not cylindrical, it will lead to uneven pressure and deformation.

Secondly, the general pursuit of the plastic bottle is affordable and pretty appearance, such as manufacture disposable plastic mineral water bottles, only single use and very cheap, thus we use thin, transparent and lightweight PET material.

Thirdly, need to cooperate with the transport boxing. In general, the bottle made into a variety of geometric shapes is to reduce the space between the bottles and reduce the friction between the bottles of crush, play a safe, space-saving role.

Finally, sometimes the customer will ask to use surface handing method of inside engraving, so that bottle’s rough pattern can play a non-slip and beautiful role, the various geometric design is also plays such a role. In short, the shape design of plastic bottles should to be practical and user-friendly.

The patterned plastic bottle

In addition, most of the plastic carbonated beverage bottles are mostly recessed in order to facilitate hand-held, and the arc structure most difficultly to make plastic bottles deformation, there is also no-concave bottle, it is to match the hand type.

Many customers said that we are a very nice and trustworthy supplier of plastic bottles in China after our cooperation. Before we mass-produce the plastic bottles, we compare the samples we produced to their design, revise and optimize them again and again, not let go of a trace of detail, because we sincerely hope to help customers develop their markets at the source.