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The Diversity Trend Of Edible Oil Plastic Packaging Bottle

Megan 2018-08-01 14:29:16
In recent years, there are more and more edible oil in the market, for the packaging of edible oil, it has gone from a single packaging form in the past to a persified packaging, from cooking oil plastic container to more plastic cooking oil bottles.

In the past, edible oil was basically packaged in 5L plastic bottles, a form of packaging that is still the mainstream of supermarket shelves so far. However, in recent years more small capacity of edible oil packaging bottle began to slowly rise, such as 1.8l, 500ml or even 300ml.

The change of the capacity of plastic edible oil bottles also reflects a unique social phenomenon in China, about more than 10 years ago, most of those who go to the supermarket to buy cooking oil are middle-aged housewives, they are responsible for all of family's daily staple, the consumption of edible oil is also a lot, so they will basically buy cooking oil with big capacity, not only is it more economic but it can be eaten longer. In order to meet the actual needs of these people, the manufacturers produce more big bottle of cooking oil.

While in the past ten years, China has appeared such a phenomenon, many young people alone or with their partner live in a rented house in other cities, because the tenancy term is relatively less stable, and the demand for edible oil is not so much, so it seems that small capacity is a better choice.

As a result, manufacturers follow the changes and produce smaller-capacity edible oils that are more suited to market demand. 1.8L for couples, 500ml and 300ml are more suitable for single person. For edible oil packaging bottle, currently these edible oil packaging forms on the market are worth recommending, they can be used to package olive oil, camellia oil, corn oils and other commonly used edible oils.

PET edible oil bottle

In addition, for the moment, whether it is a bigger or smaller capacity bottle, the material of edible oil bottles is usually PET, is it possible that manufacture try to use HDPE material to be the material of big size cooking oil bottle? Let's wait and see.

HDPE cooking oil bottle