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Hot Filling Plastic Beverage Bottles Still Need Further Research

Megan 2018-07-28 14:06:25
Drinks are the necessities of life, so naturally the beverage bottles are the necessities of the packaging industry, usually we see a lot of beverages are cold processing, which does not require high temperature resistance for the material of the packaging bottle, but consumers are also in demand for hot drinks, this makes hot fill beverage plastic bottles have special needs. So today we'll talk briefly about hot-filling drink bottles.

PP beverage plastic bottle

Hot-filling beverage bottles must be high temperature resistant. We all know that glass bottles are hot when heated and this is not very humanized. The plastic bottle will deform when it reaches a certain high temperature, but this is just for the most common cold juice bottle, which is made of PET material. While in the plastic industry, there is a food grade material is characterized by high temperature, that is pp material, it can withstand temperatures up to 120 °, can almost fill all hot drinks.

In the cold winter, especially in the wild, it is the Gospel for people to drink hot drinks by heating plastic bottles. Even in the winter, wandering the streets in city, buying a hot juice drink from a beverage store can also make your body warm, especially for people with healthy habits, now a lot of beverage companies have introduced a health drink, these beverages are generally using fruit, plants and others as raw materials and processing the health function drinks, many people  who keeping in good health even very young people are very fond of this kind of drinks, in view of these points, hot filling drinks are still very popular.

Therefore, the demand for hot-filling beverage bottles is also increasing, many manufacturers have put into this kind of high-temperature plastic bottle packaging development and production.

In contrast, the development of hot-filling beverage plastic bottles is less than cold pressure juice bottles, whether in the material itself or the design of product shape, so as a plastic bottle manufacturers there is still a long way to go in the development of the road.