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The Difference Between Resin Materials And Plastics

Megan 2019-01-07 11:23:43
Resin is one of the raw materials of plastics. Plastic is the finished product of resin. In other word, the unformed is the resin, after molding is plastic. Plastics, refers to the resin as the main raw material and plasticity of materials and their products.

Plastics generally refer to finished products, such as plastic cups, plastic bottles, plastic bowls, etc., resin generally refers to raw materials, such as polyethylene resin, polypropylene resin, polyester resin, etc., But in less strict cases, general resins refer to plastics, plastics to resins.
Plastics are polymers (macromolecules), commonly known as plastics (plastics) or resins (resin), which are made from monomers and polymerized by polymerization or condensation reactions, and are free to alter composition and body patterns by synthetic resins and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, The composition of additives such as color material.

The main ingredient of plastic is resin. Resin, the term is originally named by the lipids secreted by animals and plants, such as rosin, shellac, etc., resin refers to the polymer compounds that have not been mixed with a variety of additives. Resins account for about 40%~100% of the total weight of plastic. The basic properties of plastics are mainly determined by the nature of resins. Some plastics are basically made up of synthetic resins that do not contain or contain less additives, such as plexiglass, polystyrene, etc.

Although there is little difference between plastic and resin, but we only make plastic products, such as plastic bottles, plastic jars. There were a few resin products before, but later we felt like we shouldfocus on a class of products, that is, our main product now, plastic bottles. Therefore, in the past tenyears, our company has developed hundreds of plastic bottles of different styles and functions, that widelyused in beverage, food, cosmetics and other industries. Our products and services are highly praisedabroad.