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The British People Craze For Chinese Language

Megan 2017-09-06 19:41:40
More than half of the Britain parents think that learning Chinese has a promising future.

A recent British survey of more than 1,000 Britis minors’ (under 18) parents shows that they want children to learn Chinese in addition to indo-european languages, according to a report from Taiwan's joint news network. More than half of the parents believe that learning Chinese will not only help children’s future career, but also open up the children's vision, exposure to Chinese multiculture.

The survey shows that British parents believe that the most important language for children orderly is: French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.

The British people craze for Chinese language, Cameron called to learn Chinese

According to reports, former British Prime Minister David Cameron has called on British children, "Do not learn French again, to learn Chinese." Cameron quoted former South African President Mandela as saying, "If you use the language that a person understand, you’ll get into his mind; if you speak to him in his language, you will walk into his heart."

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Cameron also said, "I hope that the UK will connect to the world's fastest growing economy, which includes our young people to learn the Chinese language that can be used in business in the future. When the students are still in school, China will become the world's largest economy, so it is time to shift from the traditional French and German, so that more children learn Chinese.

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