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Plastic Bottle + Cardboard = "Ecological Air Conditioning"?

Megan 2017-07-21 19:55:17
Here are some real short stories to share with you.Let's look at two pictures.


On July 19, changsha xiangfu road,hunan,China, because of the hot weather, these residents waiting for bus to hide in the shadow of the car.


In tianma apartment, hunan normal university, students made "Eco-Cooler" with plastic bottles and cardboard.

There is a joke on our local that African partners can get tanning in changsha. It can be seen from this how hot the Changsha is during the hottest days of summer. So, most of the citizens only rely on air conditioning all day. however, there are so a group of people, their house became big oven by more than 30 degrees of high temperature, they have no air conditioning, but determine to "heat resistant".

Share their first "anti-heat" approach now.

Huang and Xiang are grade 2014 students of Chinese department of hunan normal university, recently,they two spend less than 30 minutes made the "ecological air-conditioner”, installed in the drafty window at their dorm room.

The "eco-air conditioner" consists of a piece of cardboard and nine half of mineral water bottles. Huang said,cut off the half water bottles, and cut the cardboard out of a hole according to the cap size, then screw the half bottle into the cardboard hole from one direction, finally one by one fix them, the production process is finished.

So how does this air conditioner work? "The psychological effect is better than the actual effect," huang said. After installing the "ecological air conditioner", the night temperature of the dorm room was slightly lower, but it was not known whether it was psychological.

It is understood that the "eco-air conditioner" is able to cool down because the air passes from the large aperture to the small diameter of plastic bottle, the flow rate increases, the pressure decreases, so the temperature naturally decreases. But such cooling method also has certain limitation, such as it need to have the wind blows to the bottle body, if not it is difficult to achieve effect. In addition, the number of bottles also plays a decisive role in cooling effect.

But,at the very beginning, you must have enough empty clear plastic bottles, so collect some bottles from your usual water.