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Difference Between LDPE And HDPE Plastic Bottles

2017-04-27 14:51:33
Low-Density polyethylene LDPE

Polyethylene, a relative density of 0.910-0.925, is called low-density polyethylene (low Density Polyethylene), whereas density is in low densityIn contrast to high-density polyethylene, which becomes medium density.polyethylene, which is less than 0.910 density, has become very low-density polyethylene (VLDPE).or evenThere is a relative density of less than 0.900, also known as Ultra low-density polyethylene (ULDPE).

High-density polyethylene HDPE

The density of polyethylene in 0.941~0.965 called high-density polyethylene (high Density Polyethylene) high density polyethylene is produced by low-pressure method, so there is a liquid phase method known as low-pressure polyethylene production method, two liquid phases of gas phase method and solution method and slurry method.

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LDPE Plastic Bottle

HDPE Plastic Bottle