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Demand For Plastics Continues To Expand

Megan 2017-07-31 20:32:07
With the development of science and technology, plastics are now widely used in electrical products, but also with good health, environmental protection, low cost and other good performance.

Such as plastic color, very suitable for the manufacture of electrical enclosures, the hardness, bending strength, impact strength and tensile strength are greatly improved, but also has good heat resistance, the majority of home appliances work will be fever, used appliances plastics have long-term high temperature tolerance.


According to statistics, the annual demand for household appliances industry plastic million tons of steel material, many home appliance parts have been used instead of plastic products, especially in ABS, PS general plastics and engineering plastics, modified plastics and plastic alloy materials are used more and more widely.

More than appliances, in fact, daily life also a lot of plastic products, just like the mineral water, its raw materials are plastic.