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Coca Cola Bottles And Fanda Bottles Fall In Love?

Megan 2017-08-15 09:51:48
In a hot summer day, would you think about the iced coke bottle that you have enjoyed and wanted to throw it away is just missing another drink bottle? Of course not, most people actually don't have the time to spend their imagination on an usual beverage plastic bottle.


But creative people from Ogilvy&MatherBerlin have created a video advertisement for Coca-Cola in the UK with the imagination of "love", urging people to recycle plastic bottles.

In this video, the Coca-Cola bottle and fanta bottle fall in love again and again,meet, separat, then meet again, the short-lived love originally destined to nothing but can once again achieve because every time the two bottles are very lucky for recycling. It is known as all the materials for use in this AD are from Coca-Cola's recyclable packaging,the AD is the first kind in the UK.

The right creative imagination, coupled with a brief and simple form of expression, is enough to impress the target audience. The next time you throw a plastic bottle into a garbage can, your simple act might also be a little more romantic.

In addition to environmental concerns, Coca-Cola is promoting health. Recently, Coca-Cola company announced that it is introducing a new "CokeZeroSugar", a new zero coke will instead of CokeZero which has been on the market for 12 years.

The product upgrade has three meanings: First, the formula is upgraded and tastes more like Coca-Cola. The second is the packaging upgrade, increase the area of the red part, Thirdly, the product name upgrade, enhance the concept of "no sugar".