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Classification & Digital Id Of Plastic Bottles

Megan 2017-10-21 13:37:59
"01" - PET

mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles and fruit juice bottles are made of this material. The beverage bottle can not be recycled for hot water. The material is heat-resistant to 70 degrees. It is only suitable for normal temperature drink or cold drink. It is easy to deform when it is heated with high temperature liquid, and has harmful substances to dissolve. And scientists have found that after 10 months, the plastic product may release carcinogens that are toxic to humans. Therefore, almost all of these beverage bottles are disposable, but its recovery rate is very high.

"02" - HDPE

plastic bottles for detergent and shower gel products. This type of plastic containers for cleaning supplies and bath products can be refilled and reused, but due to these containers are often inconvenient to clean, it will remain the original liquid to become a breeding ground for bacteria, so it would be best not to recycle.

"03" - PVC

PVC of this kind of material is not a food grade, It is used to produce clean products without high requirements or decorative fake wine bottles. Less used in packaging food, if in use, do not let it be heated.

"04" - LDPE

Plastic sauce bottle mostly used for this material, it is mainly used for ketchup, chili sauce, salad dressing and so on. Its material is relatively soft, can be squeezed, but the heat resistance is not strong, usually used for packing room temperature or cold sauce in kitchen.

"05" - PP

It can be used in food boxes, bottles and other food products with higher levels. The microwave oven lunch box is made of this kind of material, which is resistant to 130 degrees high temperature and has poor transparency. It is the only plastic box which can be put into the microwave oven. It can be reused after being cleaned carefully. Special attention should be paid to that some microwave oven boxes made of No. 05 PP, but the box cover is made of No. 06 PS, PS transparency is good, but not high temperature, so it can not be put into the microwave oven with the box. For the sake of insurance, the cover should be removed before the container is placed to the microwave oven.

"06" - PS

which is used to make blister box, foaming fast food box. It's heat resistant and cold resistant, but it can't be put into the microwave oven so as not to release the chemicals because of the high temperature. And can not be used to hold strong acid (such as ORANGE LASSI), strong alkaline substances, because it will decompose the polystyrene is not good for human body. So try to avoid hot food packaged in a snack box.

"07" - PC and other types of PC

It is a widely used material, especially for baby bottles, space cups, etc., its bottle wall thick and hard, with high transparency, so is also usually used to making drinking water bottle.

These are the necessary professional knowledge of plastic bottle manufacturers, plastic bottle buyers also need to understand these basic professional knowledge. It is also important for people to understand this knowledge and to be able to distinguish the types of plastic bottles that are used daily.