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Can Plastic Bottles Replace Glass Bottles For Wine?

Megan 2017-08-26 15:46:27
It is understood that some wine companies began to use plastic bottles to pack fancy wines. Plastic packaging materials have many characteristics and irreplaceable advantages, but the industry insiders do not think it fits.

PET bottles are very durable, the weight is also very light, 0.7 liter PET bottles weigh only 50 grams, just is one-tenth of the same capacity glass bottle. It to be a strong plasticity and a better recycling property, so its costs can be reduced by a large portion on production, transport and storage.

Now, many wine estate have begun to use PET plastic bottles to pack fancy wines. Such as the Spanish BodegaMatarromera wine estate try to use plastic bottles for high-quality wine packaging, South Africa Welmoed wine estate has gradually adopted plastic bottles to replace the traditional 750 ml glass bottles, the British supermarket giant Marks & Spencer has also started from 2010 to sell 0.25 liters of plastic bottled red wine, and even the airline company, but also more willing to use plastic bottled wine for servicing passenger.

However, some people in the industry are not optimistic about the use of plastic bottles as wine packaging, that "plastic bottles of high ultraviolet radiation and oxygen migration, will affect the quality of alcoholic beverages, thereby reducing the shelf life of alcohol.

According to a survey conducted by research firm Geisenheim, modern processing techniques can improve the internal airtightness of plastic bottles and reduce the impact on the use of plastic bottles. In addition, the plastic bottle with better air tightness can seal the opened bottle again, thus extending the shelf life of the plastic bottled wines. It seems that the widespread use of plastic bottles instead of glass bottles packaging wine in the near future is feasible.

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