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Good News! All Chinese Goods Entering Australia Are Tax-Free From January 1, 2019!

Megan 2018-11-19 15:47:37
"From January 1, 2019, 8 weeks later, all Chinese goods entering Australia will be exempt from customs duties," said Simon Birmingham, Australia's trade, tourism and Investment minister who came to Shanghai for the expo. Of course, this is important for many here, and China will likewise eliminate tariffs on a range of Australian products on display in CIIE, including wine, infant formula and honey. ”

Australia, the world's most dependent advanced economy in China. Now China is Australia's largest trading partner and largest export destination, and Australia is China's sixth largest export destination country. Bilateral trade volume between China and Australia in 2017 was US $136.26 billion, up 25.9% from the same period last year.

As a staunch ally of the United States, China-Australia economic and trade relations have been affected to some extent since 2017 because of the unfriendly voice of leaders from all walks of life in Australia. But now, although Australia still has some degree of military cooperation with the United States, the trend toward China can be said to be a U-turn, and Australia's new leader has repeatedly sent a friendly signal to China. In his first foreign policy speech since taking office on November 1, he referred to China 10 times in a row, expressed his urgent desire to deepen China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership, and said that he most wanted to say "I want Sino-Australian trade to resume".

On 7 November, Chinese and Australian enterprises signed 11 agreements spanning 5 years, with a total value of nearly 15 billion Australian dollars (about 75.8 billion Yuan). China has sent a ceremony, a super list covering a wide range of areas, including tourism, resources, infrastructure, e-commerce and logistics services. Not only that, the Expo in Australia on display of a large number of exhibits, but also won the great favor of our country: next year, all the elimination of tariffs!

Duty-free is very a good news for both China and Australia. More trade between the two sides will not only be able to resist the threat of a global trade war, but also be more conducive to the rapid development of the economy. Australia's buyers, friends, must seize the opportunity 8 weeks later.