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About Our Square Shape Plastic Bottle

Megan 2018-08-10 12:34:42
Recently square shape plastic bottle are very popular on our Alibaba store and our official website.

It’s seems that not only in beverage juice industry but also cosmetic industry, the square shape plastic bottles are always selected by more buyer. Now let's find out some classical style of square shape plastic bottles which are available.

Square cosmetic plastic bottle. They usually are HDPE material, with square or rectangular shape, they can fit with flip top, screw cap and pump to packaging cosmetic lotion cream. Their capacity almost are between 100ml and 300ml, maybe these size are more suitable for cosmetics. And It's worth mentioning the black color cosmetic bottle are more likely be liked. Surely you can custom other color.

square cosmetic plastic bottle

Square beverage plastic bottle. They almost are PET material, with square shape but there are subtle differences in shape. French square shape are actually the most popular design, our classical juice bottles are exactly 250ml and 450ml french square juice bottle, not only for the french square shape but also for these two size. Of course other capacity like 300ml, 500ml, 1 liter and more choices are available.

square beverage plastic bottle

Last it worth mentioning one design of our PETG plastic bottle. Like the picture shows. They are 250ml,500ml and 1000ml, when they fit with screw cap, they are used for beverage, when they are fit with pump, they are used for cosmetic lotion.

square PETG plastic bottle

Surely, if you have your own favorate design, we can customized it to meet your personalized requirement.