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About Our 400ml PCTG Water Bottle

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-08-14
Today I will introduce one of our 400ml water bottle, which made of PCTG material by ourselves, and with a pill box at bottom, can packaging some pill like vitamins. It is convenient for people who go out or gym and need to carry water and daily medicine.

PCTG water bottle

In terms of design, it’s made of 3 parts, the lid, the bottle body and the pill box. When you need to fill the water, you just need to unscrew the lid and pour the water in its wide mouth, and then screw the lid tightly. The bottle was made of PCTG material, a food grade, clear and heat-resistant Tritan material. The screw bottom of bottle is attached to a pill box, when you turn the bottom clockwise, the medicine box is opened, its four small compartment are shown, the capacity of these small compartments is around 120ml. it enough for a day's dose. And when you turn the bottom counterclockwise again, this space is very tight and can effectively prevent omissions and dampness.