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A Drinking Bottle That Is Needed In The Future

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on :2017-07-19
Some time ago,I saw a news,it said the recycling rate in the USA is only 23%,Last year,Americans had used 50 billion plastic bottles,and it was estimated that 38 billion plastic bottles were wasted.Therefore,reusable water bottles are becoming more and more popular in the near future,and it can help to curb thid wasteful trend.

In fact, in order to improve the recycling rate of the bottle, we can choose a eco-friendly bottle which can be reused. For example, today i'll introduce this bottle, it is PCTG BPA free heat-resistant,usually can be used with drinking water, the most important thing is that it is characterized by reuse, I believe that after the popularity of plastic bottles, the previously mentioned phenomenon can be reduced a lot.

empty plastic drinking water bottle
wholesale PCTG plastic drinking water bottle