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8HZ Backpack Sustainable Recycled Plastic Fabric

Megan Internet 2018-03-17 13:31:14
Maybe you've only heard of plastic bottles and plastic container made of plastics, and maybe you've worn clothes that also made of plastics when you don't know the truth exactly. But have you ever seriously thought that you might be carrying a plastic backpack?

In fact, this is understandable. Today, sustainability is becoming one of the most important factors affecting consumer choice and buying. A American start-up brand 8HZ recently launched a travel backpack on the crowdfunding platform Indiegog, which is the main concept of sustainable development. Normally our backpack is mainly made of cotton material, while this lightweight backpack is made from a unique material which come from 100% recyclable plastic bottles, and with a 75% reduction in carbon emissions compared with pure polyester fabrics.

This backpack uses military grade weaving line, YKK zipper, both of these point guarantee its quality. Round corners are designed to reduce wear and tear. Its bespoke prints are lined with the hands of the Los Angeles artist Saber.. The price is only 198 dollars.

Plastics are probably one of the most controversial inventions in the past 100 years. But now it seems that the fate of its foray into man-made fibres cannot be reversed. One of the most common plastic materials is polyester, a plastic extracted from crude oil that is commonly used to make cola and ketchup bottles, it’s also called PET in plastic field.

When the polyester fiber melts, it will produce a kind of cold honey texture, through to the thin hole of the silk pipe, and form a very long single fiber silk, wrap them together to form fine fiber, finally can produce cloth. Therefore, as demand increases in the future, we will see more and more products are manufactured from man-made fibres maybe PET material, including clothing, also a variety of backpacks.

Perhaps environmentalists may accuse the non-degradable material as a bigger burden on the planet, but on the other hand, cotton doesn't degrade immediately.

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