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5 Best Plastic Glasses For Wine Or Champagne

  • Author:Zhenghao
  • Release on:2019-09-30
Plastic glasses are common items in our daily life and must be used every day. The plastic glasses produced by Zhenghao are basically made of PET material. They have clear body, smooth finish and with the function of filling liquid, like beverage, juice, and drinking water. No matter which glasses it is, they are safe, food grade and BPA free. The following styles are very typical and representative.

Best Plastic Shot Glasses

This glass is wide on top and narrow below, its wide opening is easy to drink water, it is the most common style, you can use it at home to drink water, also can hold some red wine to taste, as long as you can see the bright color of red wine from its clear glass body. One critic said, "every time I finish drinking, I can put my plastic glass aside without worrying that it's broken and can't be reused, and I don't have to worry about it flying away at once." Recycling and reusable are also the advantages of our plastic shot glasses, as do other glasses.

empty plastic shot glasses

Best Plastic Martini Glasses

Plastic martini glass is a very special style, you can see that it has stems, but its stem is different from other styles, it is slowly getting bigger from bottom to top, and some of the diameter of the middle part is about half the diameter of the upper part, as shown in the picture. You can imagine the movement of bright red wine or champagne slowly flowing down from top to bottom, full of the temptation of good wine. Probably by this time you have a classic wine ad on your mind.

empty plastic martini glasses

Best Plastic Drinking Glasses

Plastic drinking glasses are also the most common style except for plastic shot glasses. When you first see it, do you first think of glass cup? Yes, this style is the classic glass you can see at supermarket and Walmart, while it is just plastic PET material instead of glass material. The 100% virgin PET material and superb design and production technology make it no less than the glass, it is hard, eco-friendly, reusable, and not easy to break and light, which the glass cup is not featured. Many buyers said, "I don't want to hear the glass break any more. It represents heartbreak and sadness."

empty plastic drinking glasses

Best Plastic Cocktail Glasses

There is a slender handle at the bottom, with a triangle or ladder at the top. This is a cocktail glass, specially used for cocktails. Its unique shape brewing much amorous feelings, let home life emit cocktail fragrance. Cocktails usually require ice treatment, so when drinking, you can't touch the glass directly with your hand to avoid the temperature of the hand affecting the flavor of the wine.

empty plastic cocktail glass

Cocktail glasses are indispensable to bars. Some people say that bars have no soul without cocktails. Similarly, cocktail glasses are soulless without cocktail glasses. What a wonderful thing it is when you are dragging a glass stem and tasting seductive cocktails while chatting comfortably with your friends. One buyer called these "casual glasses."

Best Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses

Stemless plastic glasses, 8ozs, 9ozs, 12oz and 16oz, you can use it at weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, beach parties, tent parties, music banquets and even all banquets. Many critics have found that stemless glasses are especially suitable for outdoor use, and when your table is very small, you can stack them up. Several different sizes have different shapes. 8oz, 12oz and 16oz are all usual style, but the 9oz is designed to be tall and similar to the beautiful tulip shape. When they blend with gold-tone champagne, you can grab your camera and take the most beautiful picture.

empty plastic stemless glasses

How Much Is Plastic Glass?

As a supplier of plastic glasses, we customize and wholesale all kinds of plastic glasses. As we all know, wholesale prices are always lower than retail prices. At Zhenghao, the wholesale price of a PET plastic glass is about $0.40. Maybe you have to customize your personalized plastic wine glasses, they may be different in shape, size or weight, and you may need to print your own logo, then you need to take these costs into your consideration. If you just buy a few, it's about $2 to $5 each at Amazon.

Can A Glass Be Made Of Plastic?

There is no doubt that these designs we introduce today are made of plastic PET material. Plastic glasses have so many advantages over glass cup. If I want to elaborate on them, I think I can write another article.