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Top 5 Trends In Beauty Packaging

zhenghao 2020-05-18 18:06:17


Packaging is more than simply a way to protect goods, and no industry illustrates this better than the beauty industry. Consumers are increasingly demanding that packaging for their beauty products be protective, beautiful, and functional. Below, we’ve outlined 5 recent trends in beauty product packaging.

Sample Sizes

Offering sample size packaging for beauty products is a topic we’ve covered in the past, and we’ve seen this trend continue to grow. Individual portion sizes and smaller packs allow consumers to try new products and take beloved products on the go. Not only do sample size options allow consumers to save on suitcase space, they also eliminate the fear of breaking TSA rules!


Well-designed packaging can catch a consumer’s eye, but good looks aren’t all that matter. Clean packaging that is functional and easy-to-use is crucial for the success of modern beauty products. Airless pumps, droppers, and rollers are excellent examples of functional packaging that add value to your product through simplified dispensing and application.


Online sales of beauty products continue to grow, and with this, the increased need for packaging that is ecommerce-ready. As with all products sold online, it is critical to keep the product fully intact during fulfillment and shipping. There are many ways to achieve this with beauty products. For example, swapping glass bottles for tube packaging is a great way to ensure liquid beauty products will survive the trip from the warehouse to the consumer – and look great doing so.

Streamlined Products

A rising trend in beauty products is the emergence of streamlined products that satisfy more than one part of the beauty regime, such as 2-in-1 bronzer and moisturizer.  The success of these products relies on their packaging to communicate the multi-faceted benefits.  Packaging that wins consumer confidence and appeal will convey the appropriate message and functionally support the dual purpose of the contents.


Going green extends past product formulas – a product’s packaging should be just as eco-friendly as the product itself. Some brands are moving to bioplastics and recycled materials, while others are eliminating the outer boxes from their packaging completely to minimize waste (and decrease costs while they're at it!)

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As consumers spend more and more on beauty products, it’s important to make a great first impression through beauty packaging.

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