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Why Do So Many People Like Amber Bottles?

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-12-24
Recently we have many new design of amber bottles, there are different shapes and uses, we know that many customers like amber bottles, so we'll show you some amber bottles.

The first one is an amber wine bottle. We can see that the most of wine bottles are amber or green color on the market, whether glass beer bottles or plastic beer bottles, because studies have shown that colored bottles protected the wine inside from bright light and avoid spoilage. It has been suggested that Amber wine bottles have a higher sunscreen index than green wine bottles, so many people choose the latter. Now, we introduce our new 750ml amber wine bottle to you. It is made of plastic PET material, with natural clear color, can be customized with amber, green or other color, its upper part is larger, and the lower part is smaller, this design is also suitable for champagne, alcohol, and liquor as long as you like.

amber wine plastic bottle

The second one is amber cosmetic bottle. In conversations with friends, they often mention that their skin care packaging is amber color, and later i discover more and more amber cosmetics bottles appear on our dresser. Usually amber spray bottle and amber lotion bottle will be more popular in cosmetic packaging industry. Here is our 250ml amber spray bottle for your reference, with boston round shape, it can be fitted with mist spray and small trigger spray head. This round bottle is suitable for screen printing and labeling, of course, we will give you some suggestions for your different LOGO printing needs.

amber cosmetic bottle

The last to say is amber plastic jar. Commonly amber plastic jar is used for packaging cosmetic cream, as its amber color of the creams jar is designed to protect the item from strong light exposure. We have one existed design of amber cosmetic plastic jar, with 120ml size, which is a very popular product, of course, our other size of cosmetic plastic jar also can be made in amber color as your need.

amber plastic jar

On the whole, perhaps because amber color looks more sedate and noble, so more buyers choose amber bottles, and we manufacture more amber bottle and jar.