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The More Clear Plastic Bottle Is, The Better It Is?

Megan www.pvc123.com 2017-10-05 09:35:45
Transparent plastic bottle packaging has won unshakable status depends on its more and more transparent appearance in food, beverage packaging field. In the past, the glass bottle with its transparent appearance occupies the protagonist position of the food and beverage packaging market. But with PET, PP and other empty clear plastic bottles appear and join, transparent plastic bottles have the upper hand in the market at a lower cost.

Indeed, transparent plastic bottles allow customers to see the contents of a package, for food consumption is not trusted today, it is obviously a very important role. However, the production of transparent plastic bottles is not as good as we think, in order to increase the transparency of plastic bottles, it need to mix BPA, BPA is what we commonly known as bisphenol A.

We all know that bisphenol A is harmful to the human body, although under certain conditions, the plastic bottle structure is stable, will not affect the human body. But with the increase in transparency, bisphenol A use will increase, for the human body will be detrimental.

Therefore, in the same conditions, consumers can choose those who are not so transparent transparency of the plastic bottle or glass bottle packaging, so the use will be more reassuring. Now people are more and more high to the requirement of plastic fruit juice bottle, it is also due to people's understanding and improved quality of life, our factory insist on response this requirement, to produce high quality food grade plastic juice beverage bottle, and does not contain bisphenol A, in order to achieve our partner‘s satisfaction.