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Plastic Bottle Turns Into Environmental Soundproof Felt

Megan www.pvc123.com 2017-09-27 15:36:14
Plastic bottles can be said that we are in the daily life of the most common plastic products. Very easy to use plastic bottles will be readily thrown into the trash, in fact, as long as you can start thinking about "turning waste into treasure."

Devorm from the Netherlands has been committed to the efficient creation of products that meet today's standards, not only to ensure that the full life cycle of the product are fully utilized, but also through the recycling of the way for the product to create a new value. Simple solutions, intelligent production innovation and the use of unconventional materials seem very simple, but in fact it can greatly enhance the value of the product, improve the environment. "Mute" PET felt sound-absorbing panels can be created through a variety of ways to produce a variety of different acoustic effects. This surface-processed product can be used as a double-sided or single-sided sound-absorbing board, also very suitable for use with the ultra-thin frame system.

"Mute" series of sound-absorbing panels with large area of the waveform structure, both to integrate into the environment, but also stand out in the layout, this sound-absorbing panels assembled very easy, as well as devormPET felt a full set of colors to choose from. The "mute" series of sound-absorbing panels can also be seamlessly connected to devorm's home product line.

PET felt with recycled plastic bottles as raw materials to make it into a soft and tough material, it is worth mentioning that the felt material itself can be recycled again, PET felt is also very durable, with excellent sound absorption performance.