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How To Make Flower With Plastic Mineral Water Bottle

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2017-07-13

How to use plastic mineral water bottle to make a small flower


Today, I’ll share a kind of DIY handicraft by mineral water bottle, it’s material is not difficult to prepare, just needs a clear PET empty plastic water bottle and a pair of scissors. So what are we going to do with handmade it? In fact, is to do a simple plastic flower. Let’s learn together!

Using scissors to cut the top part of the mineral water bottle down, other similar plastic bottles can also be used. Friendship tips: pay attention to safety!

Slightly trimmed, cut out the petals smooth.

Next is the coloring, We can choose some romantic color,like purple,pink and so on.

Finally, seal bottle with screw cap and hold the bottleneck with wire like the picture below,then a lovely hand-made flowers is finished.

We are a professional manufacturer of custom plastic bottles, including the water bottles, two models below are drinking bottles, it’s capacity and logo are customized.

empty plastic PET bottle with cap