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How To Do Fresh Watermelon Juice In 2 Minute?

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2017-07-15
We usually eat watermelon in the summer, it taste sweet and contains 93% of the water, less calories, very suitable for summer thirst quencher.

This afternoon, I have done a cup of  watermelon juice for my baby, bottled it up with the bulbous cute fruit juice plastic bottle that we own product , then I put a straw into the bottle. The baby is very like to drink juice in this way,  So we no longer don’t worry about baby don’t like eat fruit.

Now, I’ll share the method of how to do watermelon juice with you.

Step1:Prepare a piece of watermelon.

Step2:Cut the watermelon into small pieces, and put it in the food machine.

Step3:Add some water and wait for a few seconds.

Step4:It tastes very refreshing. just enjoy yourself.

The following picture is our spherical bottles for watermelon juice.

wholesale empty plastic light bulb bottle