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Do You Have A Logo For Your Plastic Packaging Bottles?

Megan 2017-08-21 18:07:29
Why does a company's products have LOGO? Companies want to promote the brand, in addition to the most basic guaranteed quality, but also have a simple easy to remember and inimitable logo.

LOGO, the abbreviated form of logotype, can also be a trademark. It’s a visual representation of the product and its packaging in order to make their own products differ from competitor’s made by the producers or operators,. Here are three     characteristics that products LOGO design needs to reflect:

1. dipartite degree

Discrimination is one of the important functions of the logo. Under the market economy system, the competition is fierce, the information faced by the consumer groups is complicated, and the LOGO trademark symbols are numerous. Only the symbols with obvious meaning, distinctive features, easy to identify and beautifully shape can be highlighted in many competitors , So that enterprises impress deeply the consumer, thereby enhancing the visibility of enterprise products.

2. Differentiation

Product LOGO is a symbol of differences in other people's products, with a particularly significant difference between the function, and then easy to identify by consumers. In this era of serious homogeneity, each enterprise seeking long-term development is considering the transition to the road of differentiation, which requires companies to start from the product LOGO, rather than continue to use no prominent features LOGO that can not reflect their own characteristics.

3. Industry characteristics

Product LOGO is printed on product or product packaging, and attached to the product or product packaging. So a product LOGO design must be based on industry characteristics, and return to the industry characteristics go up. In general, the characteristics of product LOGO design must have the uniqueness and recognition, coupled with the beautiful shape, the appropriate color, so that in many peer competitors, it allow consumers to identify which is yours and will win their favorite.

All in all, LOGO is a symbol of the company and the brand, the starting point of LOGO design is consumer’s brand acception, recognition and irreplaceable awareness in the daily life.

Our company local in Shenzhen, China is specialized in design and producing plastic bottles, jars and containers, we accept logo printing on our plastic bottle. Till now we have a lot of customers from all over the world will design their own LOGO, and printed on their plastic bottles, many of their product logos are very creative.