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Can I carry whisky in plastic bottles?
Release on 2019-02-13Can I carry whisky in plastic bottles? Q: “Can I carry whisky in plastic bottles?” Yes and No. Here, we are dealing with two materials: Whisky and p...Read More
What kind of cosmetics bottles are women's favorite?
Release on 2019-02-04Have seen a question before, whatkind of cosmetic bottles are women's favorite? It wasreplied that a research show that up to 78% of female friends an...Read More
Where can I buy a hand sanitizer bottle?
Release on 2019-01-24Hand sanitizer bottles are very different from other bottles, which are basically in pressurized form. In recent years, hotels and guesthouse have als...Read More
Britain's first 100% recycled plastic bottles on the shelves are slightly less transparent
Release on 2019-01-22Britain's first plastic bottles made of 100% recycled plastic were put on the shelves for sale. The Daily Mail reported 18th that the 100% recycl...Read More
What kind of lotion bottle is better?
Release on 2019-01-17Lotion is the product that people use every day, especially girls, and its outer packaging lotion bottle affects the consumer experience, now there ar...Read More
Zhenghao's new handwash bottle design for December
Release on 2019-01-14Hand sanitizers are our most commonly used products and are used almost every day. so handwash bottles are also the most common cosmetic packagin...Read More
Where can I order packaging for cosmetic bottle tubes?
Release on 2019-01-09Some of buyer friends are wonder 'where can i order packaging for cosmetic bottle tube'. I’d like to help them to deal with this problem. there are ...Read More
The difference between resin materials and plastics
Release on 2019-01-07Resin is one of the raw materials of plastics. Plastic is the finished product of resin. In other word, the unformed is the resin, after molding is pl...Read More
Retal launches new high grip cap to reduce plastic dosage of beverage bottles
Release on 2019-01-02Recently, Retal showcased the design of a high-grip cap on Brau Beviale2018, offering customers and potential partners a choice of beverage packaging ...Read More
All of Zhenghao staff wish you a happy new year!
Release on 2018-12-29New Year's Day, the January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, is commonly known in most countries of the world as the "New Year." The concept of New Year's...Read More
UK environmental charity launches its first recycled plastic ship
Release on 2018-12-28Hubbub, the UK's environmental charity, has launched--poly-mer, which boasts the world's first recycled plastic ship. The agency's "plastic fishing tr...Read More
Zhenghao Plastic Wish You All Merry Christmas!
Release on 2018-12-25Christmas is coming. Do you know why we say happy for almost any holidays, but merry Christmas? Now China plastic bottle supplier talk about it with y...Read More
Why do so many people like amber bottles?
Release on 2018-12-24Recently we have many new design of amber bottles, there are different shapes and uses, we know that many customers like amber bottles, so we'll show ...Read More
Our company Shenzhen Zhenghao Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd
Release on 2018-12-18Shenzhen Zhenghao Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in OEM design for plastic bottle, jar and containers. We have blowing machin...Read More
Alipay announces face-scanning payment product "dragonfly"
Release on 2018-12-15December 13 is Alipay Open Day, at Shanghai Station, Alipay announced the launch of a whole new face-scanning payment product, "Dragonfly," it directl...Read More
Simple and convenient to use the plastic bottle as storage box
Release on 2018-12-13In our daily life, many people throw away the finished beverage bottles, so that the bottles are wasted, because they are a good storage tool, are you...Read More
The straw makes it easier to use a hand sanitizer bottle
Release on 2018-12-11Usually when we use hand sanitizer or bath lotion which packaged by flip top bottle, there's always liquid around the bottle after using, and the slip...Read More
How to open a beer bottle with a plastic bottle?
Release on 2018-12-08Sometimes we want to drink beer, but we can’t find the bottle opener, only a plastic mineral water bottle. While how to use plastic bottles to make b...Read More
Several popular designs of shampoo bottle
Release on 2018-12-04Shampoo is a necessary product of daily life, a family need a bottle of shampoo in one to two month, which can be a big opportunity for shampoo makers...Read More
What are some of the most elegant plastic bottle designs?
Release on 2018-12-01When noticed the question of ‘what are some of the most elegant plastic bottle design?’ on Quora, our female body design plastic bottle come to my m...Read More