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Plastic Whiskey Wine Bottles 750 mlPlastic Whiskey Wine Bottles 750 mlPlastic Whiskey Wine Bottles 750 mlPlastic Whiskey Wine Bottles 750 mlPlastic Whiskey Wine Bottles 750 ml

Plastic Whiskey Wine Bottles 750 ml

  • Item No: zh9091
  • Capacity: 750ml
  • Material: PET
  • Used for: whiskey, wine
  • Port: Shenzhen,China
  • Sample cost: for free
  • MOQ: 10,000 pieces
  • Unit price range: $0.2-0.4

Plastic Whiskey Wine Bottles 750 ml

detail of plastic whiskey bottle

 Item empty plastic whiskeybottle
 Capacity 750ml
 Material plastic PET material
 Application for whiskey
 Company type manufacturer,supplier,factory, located in Shenzhen,China

feature of 750ml plastic whiskey bottle

750ml - It is a amber brown PET bottle, with 750ml size, use it to pack wine or whiskey. Its neck is 32mm, 215mm in height, 85mm in diameter.

amber color - we custom it as amber color, the dark amber color can prevent the item from UV damage.

for wine, whiskey - it is suitable for wine, whiskey, and other liquid.

long neck - we all know wine bottle is long-necked, and yes, it is.

Dimension of 750ml plastic whiskey bottle

its neck size is 32mm, height is215mm, diameter is 85mm. Contact us to custom more design of plastic whikey bottle or plastic wine bottle with different design and capacity.

Picture of plastic whiskey bottle 750ml

plastic PET wine bottle 750 mlempty plastic 750ml wine bottlePET plastic 750ml wine bottlePET 750ml plastic whiskey bottle

We have the ability to make new bottle mold for your bottle design to help you gain market. please click the picture below to visit more bottles:

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Is it okay to store whiskey in a plastic bottle?

Yes! It is! our PET plastic bottles are made of 100% virgin material, they are food grade and safe. they don't react with the alcohol, and don't add any taste. keep in mind that some whisky companies are now starting to release some of their expressions in plastic bottles, the cost of PET bottle is lower than glass bottle, because of their producing and shipping cost. so it's okay to store whiskey for a short time. however, it is not recommended to store for a long time, it will affect taste. here was a two-year experiment for your reference.

Does whiskey melt plastic?

No, it doesn't. all of assumptions are in the short term, because in the long term, there are too many factors, such as environment, temperature and time. if you need to store whiskey in plastic bottles for a day or two, rest assured that the whiskey won't melt plastic.

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