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2024 RosUpack Exhibition

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Wholesale Beer Plastic Bottle

  • Item No: zh9087
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Cap: metal cap
  • Material: PET
  • Used for: beer
  • Mold time: 20 days
  • Place of origin: Shenzhen, China
  • MOQ: 10,000 pieces
  • Unit price range: $0.2-0.4
  • Product Details

Beer Plastic Bottle For Sale

Detail of plastic beer bottle

 Item empty plastic beer bottle
 Capacity 300ml, custom
 Material PET, 100% virgin material
 Application perfect for beer packaging
 Company type manufacturer, factory, supplier, located in Shenzhen,China.
 Additional service custom design, custom color and logo printing.


Feature of plastic beer bottle

long neck - we all know the beer plastic bottle is long-necked, yes, it is.

with metal lid - it is matched with aluminum cap, it looks very good.

300ml size - it is a common beer packaging bottle size, and also 330ml, 11 oz, we also can custom what you want, from 50ml to 1 liter.

PET material - we use 100% virgin PET material to make this design packaging, they are food grade, BPA free, eco-friendly, BPA free, non-toxic, no-harmful.

custom design - a hotsale and popular design of plastic beer bottle, with custom design, more beer packaging bottle at Zhenghao Plastic.


Pictures of plastic beer bottle

300ml beer plastic bottle


Are you beer plastic bottle supplier?

Yes, we are professional beer plastic bottle supplier and manufacturer, we own many design of beer plastic bottle, we wholesale and custom our beer plastic bottle shipped to all over the world. Many Amazon sellers are our customers, you also will find our beer plastic bottle at Walmart.

What Application of your beer plastic bottle

We own several design of beer plastic bottles, they are made of PET material, used for juice beverage packaging, cola, apple juice, orange juice, bar juice, etc. It is okay if you need to custom your own beer plastic bottle, our engineer will help you realize it.

Do you print on beer plastic bottle?

Yes! We own silk-screen printing department to print LOGO and pattern. Unique and personalized logo will let you standing out of your competitor.

What the price of your beer plastic bottle?

Our beer plastic bottle are made of 100% virgin material, they are food grade and BPA free, high quality also means not-low price. Compared to some supplier, the price of our beer plastic bottle is about $0.2 ~ $ 0.3, the final price is based on your design and how the printing is.

Is your beer plastic bottle safe?

Yes, it is! Don't worry about this problem. We use 100% virgin material, usually clear PET material, they are food grade, BPA free, perfect packaging bottle for beer.

Can you put beer in plastic bottle?

Yes, we can store beer in plastic bottle for a short time, there are many plastic beer bottles on the market.

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