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Hospital Male Plastic Urinal BottleHospital Male Plastic Urinal BottleHospital Male Plastic Urinal BottleHospital Male Plastic Urinal Bottle

Hospital Male Plastic Urinal Bottle

  • Product model: zh9237a
  • Material: PP
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Opening size: 58mm
  • Usage: urine bottle
  • Place of origin: Shenzhen,China
  • MOQ: 2000 pieces
  • Unit price range: $0.5-1

Custom Hospital Male Plastic Urinal Bottle

Detail of male plastic urinal bottle

 Item empty plastic male urinal bottle 
 Material plastic PP material 
 Capacity 1L 
 Application suitable for male and female use in hospital 
 Company type manufacturer, factory, supplier, located in Shenzhen,China 
 Additional service custom design,custom color and logo printing.

Feature of male plastic urinal bottle

free standing - it is a portable plastic urinal bottle, which with a handle, convenient for take, carry and hold.

unisex - this is a unisex urinal, it attach a female urinal accessories, can be used for male and female.

hospital use - it use in hospital for patient, it is a bedside tool, also use outdoor when people are not convenient for washroom or toilet.

1 liter capacity - a person' urine is about 200ml to 400ml, this urinal bottle can hold urine for three times.

PP material - this is made of PP material, non-toxic, eco-friendly, its natural color allow a little light to pass though. you can see how much space is left in the bottle.

Pictures of male plastic urinal bottle

1L plastic urine
PP plastic urinal
1L plastic pp urine bottle
1L pp plastic urine container
empty plastic urine container
plastic urinal for male


Q:where to buy plastic urinal bottle?

A: we are a plastic packaging bottle manufacturer, we have custom and made many plastic urinal bottle, which sold all over the world. we are the supplier and factory, if you want bulk buy plastic urinal bottle, please contact us.

Q: how to clean plastic urinal bottle?

A: firstly, screw off the cover lid, pour the urine out completely, add clean water (about a quarter) and some toilet cleaner to the urinal bottle, screw the lid again, and then hold the handle and body, shake hardly it up and down, pour out of water. then add clean water, repeat this several times, until the plastic urinal bottle is cleaned.

Q: how do you make it unisex?

A: carefully see our this design, it fitted with a female urinal bottle accessories, when a male use it, screw off the accessories, when a female use it, screw this part again. yes, a simple accessories make it unisex. of course, a man can use the female urinal bottle directly if they want. 

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